UFC 187 is FOCKING Stacked!

Edit: Just saw this thread and pics look like shit on the app. Sorry guys, not my fault. Took the time to resize every pic so that they fit on the same line and use bold lettering to highlight important things to no avail on the app. Don't know what the fuck i'm paying to have a blue name for.


Anyways, with all the fights lately, i've gotten behind on future fights, just realized how fucking stacked from top to bottom this card is. Awesome match ups with some of my favorite fighters, huge potential for card of the year.



         Fight 1- Flyweight

                                  Justin Scoggins                          VS.            Josh "The Gremlin" Sampo


You know you're in for some shit when a gremlin is involved. Both dudes are scrappers, should be a good, fast paced, well balanced fight, Gotta go with the Gremlin.

        Fight 2- Lightweight

                                     Islam Makhachev                      VS.                       Leo "The Lion" Kuntz


Never seen these guys fight, but i'm looking forward to hearing Makachev is giving it to the lion kuntz! No way am I picking against a guy who's been called a Kuntz his entire life. That dude for sure has some Bobby Boucher in him.

         Fight 3- Welterweight

                               Mike "Quicksand" Pyle                      VS.                    Colby Covington


Ohhhh shit am I excited for this fight! Mike Pyle is well, Mike Pyle and always throws down. One of the great veterans of the sport and is well versed in every area. But Colby Covington is in my opinion the next big thing waiting to blow up in the UFC. 100% Champion potential. All american wrestler, tremendous natural athletic ability, and the dude has natural fuckin power in his strikes. Fierce ground and pound. I'm calling this, Colby Covington's what's up bitch i'm here to fuck shit up performance. KO Round 1


Fight 4- Strawweight

                           #4 "Thug" Rose Namajunas                   VS.             Nina Ansaroff


Bow chicka bow wow... 

In all seriousness, Rose is one of my favorite fighters and possibly the best and most explosive athlete in WMMA. She also might be the most dangerous finisher in WMMA in respect to striking and submissions. She's a beast and only 22 fuckin years old. Nothing against Nina but i'm betting on Rose getting back in the win column with a highlight reel finish. Should be a very aesthetically pleasing fight.

Fight 5- Middleweight

                                    Uriah "Primetime" Hall            VS.               Rafael "Sapo" Natal


This should be a fun fucking fight. Rafael Natal is a very good fighter, well rounded, but I think Uriah is simply on another level and he is beginning to live up to his potential. Uriah has Championship potential but his only roadblock has been his mindset. I believe he has seen the errors in his game and is slowly but surely eliminating them altogether. I like Rafael but Frogger aint crossin the road during Primetime. Uriah via starching.

Fight 6- Welterweight

             #8 Dong Hyun Kim "The Stun Gun"            VS.          Josh "The People's Warrior" Burkman


My 2nd choice for fight of the night right here. Both guys are down for whatever, ey. The Dong is looking to bounce back after his loss to T Wood and Burkman has to be hungry for a win and a good performance after his last showing against Lombard. I think these guys might just stand in the pocket til one goes down, (one can hope. Toss up, but i'm gonna go with Burkman Unanimous decision.

Fight 7- Flyweight

                    #1 John "The Magician" Dodson           VS.        #9 Zach "Fun Size" Makovsky


I am fuckin pumped for John Dodson's return. Zach Makovsky is a very talented, well rounded fighter. But I don't think he is close to the level John Dodson is at. Athletically or skill wise. John Dodson is coming back with a vengeance ready to show everybody who the #1 contender and biggest threat to Mighty Mouse is. Might be a prolonged beating or a spectacular finish. Either way, i'm going with Dodson via domination.


Fight 8- Flyweight

                            #2 Joseph Benavidez                    VS.                        #5 John Moraga


This is my pick for fight of the night. This should be a fuckin battle. Both guys are extremely well rounded and well capable in all areas but Joe B probably gets the slight nod in every category on paper; striking, wrestling, submissions and athleticism. John Moraga is a fuckin gamer though, you can't count him out. He has a huge heart and is a fighter down to the bone. This should be a slobberknocker, I would be shocked if it wasn't. Gonna have to go with Joe B with a hard fought decision win.


                           #3 Travis "Hapa" Browne                 VS.       #7 Andrei "The Real Pit Bull" Arlovski


OHHHH SHIT!  Travis Browne is coming off of a tremendously dominant victory against Brendan Schaub looking to get his name back at the top of the contender list with a big win over one of the biggest names in Heavyweight history. Arlovski knocked Bigfoot out like a fuckin redwood in his last fight. Hindsight being 20/20 it seems like if any heavyweight lands clean on the Squatch nowadays, his poor chin can't take the punishment. In any case, I believe Travis will simply be too much for Andrei in this fight. He has had a great resurgence in his career as of late but I think he's about to run into a Hawaiian freight train who is entering his prime. Hapa via 2nd Round KO.

Fight 10- Lightweight

                   #3 Donald "Cowboy" Cerrone                 VS.            John "The Bull" Makdessi


John Makdessi is coming off a beautiful highlight reel KO win against Shane Campbell but the Cowboy is a whole different ballgame. In my opinion, Donald Cerrone is in the heart of the prime of his career and the only person standing in front of a title shot is Makdessi. I love watching Makdessi fight, but Cowboy is an Elite fighter and that is something Makdessi has not seen before. Cowboy will dominate this fight, i'm calling a KO for the cowboy via Muay Thai clinch Knees into Bolivia ala Anderson Silva vs. Franklin.

Fight 11- Middleweight Championship

      Champ- Chris "The All-American" Weidman       VS.          #3 Vitor "The Phenom" Belfort


Fuck have I been looking forward to this fight. Chris Weidman, possibly the most overlooked and underappreciated champion in the UFC. This guy is the definition of a beast. He still gets little to no credit for his wins against Anderson Silva (from fuckin mouth breathers). Then he goes to war with Lyoto Machida at Machida's game and decisively won the fight.

Vitor is an animal, the only question is how does Cheezus Vitor cmpare to TRTVitor. My guess is not very good, especially against the best middleweight in the world. I think Chris is going to absolutely MAUL Vitor. Better boxing technique (not hand speed, relax fuck), superior grappling and vicious ground and pound. Weidman retains the belt via TKO- Ground and Pound 3rd round.


Fight 12- Light Heavyweight Championship

                   #1 Anthony "Rumble" Johnson             VS.                       #3 Daniel Cormier


Is it for the real title? No. Could these guys have beaten every other Light Heavyweight Champion in UFC history? Absolutely. Just because Jon Jones was stripped doesn't diminish this fight at all. Jon won't be fighting for a while so this shit is a legit championship fight, and I am fuckin pumped. I like DC and he is a monster, but it's Rumble's time. 

He has climbed all the way back from the bottom of the fuckin hill to being possibly P4P the most terrifying fighter in the world. I became a fan of this guy all the way back when he starched Tommy Speer. All the superlatives you throw his way are 100% deserved. This guy is an absolute assassin. I believe that now since he is fighting at a healthy weight he is virtually unstoppable. 

He has tremendous wrestling (specifically defense) see Phil Davis fight. Excellent striking technique, boxing and kickboxing. Extremely diverse arsenal, straight punches, hooks, uppercuts, vicious high kicks. Great at mixing strikes and putting them together into combinations. Biggest knockout power outside of the heavyweight division, and right up there with the heavyweights. Obviously his only weakness is on his back and that is where DC shines. 

In my opinion, Anthony Johnson will avoid enough takedowns and be able to find his opening to take Cormier out. Rumble Young Man Rumble to a KO Victory in Round 3.

Hopefully TB will highlight reel ko AA.

Hell yeah. Nice to see a proper card with prelims that are worth showing up early for. Phone Post 3.0

Holy shit I think OP is correct.  This card looks FANTASTIC.  I had not even paid attention to the undercard until reading this thread.  Voting up OP.  

This may be the first card I've bought in quite some time.

Mackovski vs Dodson should be great

Uriah Hall vs Natal, Stun Gun vs The People's Warrior, and Arlovski vs Brown?  Holy shit!

Can't believe they lost Jones and Khabib and still managed to put such an amazing card together. Unreal.

This is how every PPV should look.

Incredible card, even after losing Khabib and Jones. 

Hey Zuff,

My needle moved 

Honestly I have very little interest in Weidman/Belfort. I think it's a cakewalk for the champ.

This might be the best, most overlooked all around card in a long time. With two title fights people aren't paying much attention to the other fights. 

Half if not more of the fights on this card could headline a Fight Night judging by the UFC's requirements as of late.

Looks sick! Phone Post 3.0