UFC 187 weigh ins 7:00 pm ET

esque - I bet she is. Phone Post 3.0

Cruz can't resist taking a cheap shot at Alpha Male. Phone Post 3.0

Did Cruz just have a stroke? Phone Post 3.0

Hairy shoulders are back baby! Phone Post 3.0

WAR COWBOY!!!!! Phone Post 3.0

Hall's fired up.  I hope he delivers.

I'm still expecting Weidman to pull something on the way to the scale.

Tong po? Phone Post 3.0

Rumbleeee - Vitor looks like he belongs at 170
He looked a bit like Diego Sanchez. Phone Post 3.0

Can't wait till Weidman crushes deflated Vitor and shuts the Brazilian fans up. That chant is so annoying. Phone Post 3.0

God Victor is small

I know I wanna see Rockhold/Weidman already. Phone Post 3.0

Don't get the hate for Weidman. I love that guy Phone Post 3.0

Victor ducking Rogan

Weidman always crying about something Phone Post 3.0

Haha calling him out as a cheater. If he loses will it be the most bitter loss ever? Phone Post 3.0

Vitor looks fuckin terrible Phone Post 3.0

oh shit,

i wanted to wait to see what belfort looks like during the weigh ins before i said he wasnt as big and its clear he definitely isnt as tone as he was as well as looking smaller. dont like the fans booing him though, he might have been on trt but idk i just didnt like that.

Holy shit Phone Post 3.0