UFC 189 - Do we know how many PPV purchases?

As per title.

I haven't seen heard and stats on this.

Anybody have info? Phone Post 3.0

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In boxing there is a direct correlation between gate revenue and PPV buys. The only PPV entity where gate and PPV buys are drastically disproportionate oddly enough are with the UFC.

UFC 100 for instance claimed 1.5 million buys with only a 5 million dollar gate. It was bullahit and why every major promotion offered to pay for an audit. UFC
always exaggerates buys to create hype that their product is bigger than it is. Invicta used the same strategy early on claiming they were breaking all these streaming records. Now that they are on the UFC live YouTube you can see how low their numbers are for weigh ins and such.

These numbers reflect more of a Mayweather vs Marquez fight which did right at a million buys.

But sometimes foreign fanfare can inflate a gate and make an event seem bigger than it is. Remember the Mayweather Hatton fight? The weights were nuts. MGM was packed with Brits singing and banging drums the whole fight. 10 million dollar gate... 920-950k buys.

With today's declining PPV trends I really doubt this fight even cracked a million. 700k is reasonable 900k at high end. But I'm sure they will suggest higher. Phone Post 3.0

Taken from a reddit post.

"Based on advanced orders, those in the cable industry believed it would do a minimum of 720,000 buys, and could do well above that. Early indicators are much larger, but at this stage of the game on a show with this level of numbers, you can’t pin anything down closely past it probably did between 700,000 or 1.1 million..."

Source: Wrestling Observer Newsletter

So no is the short answer I guess Phone Post 3.0