UFC 22 poster, where to get one

title says is all.


I have 1. It won't be cheap though

start the bidding!

ArmbarKing, I don't have any left, but check my website from time to time as I still come across the odd UFC 22 poster. To visit the MMA Posters and Collectables website Click Here

Plus we just added some backstage passes and programs to the site. Just go to the homepage and click on the link...

Hey guys thanks a lot.

Gumper, I will definitely be keeping an eye on your website for the pster. Do you have any idea how much you would sell it for? I don't want to pay an arm and a leg for one, but would be interested if the price is right.

There were quite a few UFC 22's around a couple years ago and it drove the price down to around $20. But now they seem pretty hard to find, so I would say you would be doing good to get one for $40-$50. If you could find one for less, grab it!

I bought Gumper's and got them signed.

Actually have 2. Got both from gumper01 af few years back.

I will sell my extra one for $50.

Stinkin, you greedy bastid! :)

I am a buisnessman and will sell for the going rate. I have 3 kids to feed and another coming in a few weeks.

I have had to pay for the stuff i really wanted at one time or another. :)

LOL.Just fuckin witchu. I get shit signed, so I am always looking for stuff, but always want it cheap . :)

Ask Cam

Got the UFC 22 poster sitting here ready to go.

the poster is getting lonely.

stinky got a Red name!

I had to use my sons laptop to do it. My computer does not show the options my account ect.

Still got it.

deleted it crobar just like you wanted.

Goodjob Stinkin!

Do they give a package type thing that allows you to do that?