UFC 261 post-topsy: Greatness, broken bones, and bonus checks

Wow. What a night of fights put forth by the Ultimate Fighting Championship last night. UFC 261 may not be the greatest mixed martial arts card of all time. However, it’s surely in the discussion because of its social relevance in bringing fans back, and the highlight reel moments that will play on several fighter’s hype videos for eternity.

This event produced signature events that will be talked about in the days, weeks, months, and even years to come. Some of those discussions will be on a positive tip, to reminisce on happenings that were jump-out-of-your-chair significant. There were also several low-light moments for a few notable talents on the card. Including what could be the final UFC fight for an “All American.” Let’s get into the various winners and losers at the sports biggest show of 2021 so far.

Check out my review of the historic night that was at the link below.

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Not too bad of an article.I was going to tell you to put the content on here,but it was a little long & had pictures,so I understand.I also noticed that you said that Rose wore blue gloves & Zhang wore red gloves which is not the case.


Maybe he meant the duct tape that seals the gloves. I’m not really sure though.

  • On a SideNote: I have no idea who this J_Burgos is BUT he has been providing solid material and solid threads.