UFC 263: Is Lauren Murphy one win away from a Shevchenko title fight?

Lauren Murphy is being cautious about saying a win makes her next in line for a title fight. What do you think forum mob? Should a fifth straight win get her a chance at Valentina Shevchenko?


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Strong argument for being up for it already.

If I were her Id probably have a couple more gimme fights first to give her more leverage for a bigger payday against the Bullet, because ya dont want to make peanuts for getting KTFO.

Nobody at 125 has a shot. Not even close.

125 and 135 are basically locked up like peak GSP/ Silva days. You think you want that title shot then you realize who you are locked in a cage with.

That will be a beatdown of epic proportion.
The only thing that this will accomplish is a nice payday for Lauren.

Mad Self Defense GIF by TLC

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Why is this mesmerizing

She’s going to get murked but she’s a tough gal so I’m down to watch.

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