UFC 269: Where to watch, fight card & odds

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Meh. The main event is great other than that it looks like a decent fight night. Moreno should fight Fig again, no idea who his opponent is, same with Garbrandt

Pantoja has 11 fights in the UFC and you dont know him? hes also beat Moreno. and Kara France trains with Izzy in New Zealand. good fighter.

True, the main event is the gem on this card, but Nunes/Pena could have fireworks if the right Pena shows up.

Kara-France/Garbrandt looks ok because both these guys like to throw down.

Nothing else excites though with the exception of maybe watching Barber lose and what kind of excuse she will use.

And he beat Moreno not just once, but TWICE (one on TUF). Get with it @dinkledorf lol.