ufc 28

Looking for the event poster for ufc 28..


Who fought?

wanna trade one for your battlecade 3 poster? i have one.

there is a picture of it on the thread "mma collectables what ya got?" its on the regular forum. its posted with my other posters. couture faught randleman on that show.

randleman/couture...at the taj...It was S.E.G.'s last show i think

ufc 29 was in japan. that was segs last show.

send me the pic.


Yuma, I'd love that 1. Ill buy laser copies from you if you get it or buy this thing outright

Here's mine:

Sounds just like miano60's.

**Edited** I posted this on the wrong thread... I'll leave the pic.


nice pics attjack

lets see the rest of the room.