UFC 281: Erin Blanchfield versus Molly Mccann Breakdown & Picks

Molly McCann just cracked the top 15. Erin is ranked at #12, however when social media got the news a lot of fans said the Meatball was going down.

Erin Blanchfield is 9-1 in MMA right now, her only loss by way of split decision versus Tracy Cortez in Invicta FC. A lot of people thought that Blanchfield won the fight. You could tell that Erin thought she won. The fight was very close. She could be 10-0 right now if she had one more point in that fight. Regardless a lot of people feel like Erin might be the next champ, in a division where there isn’t much hope.

Molly McCann thrives on energy. She sucks it all in and is at her best when she has a rally behind her. This fight is happening at UFC 281 in New York. Molly is on fire with two spinning back elbows in a row. Absolutely smashing her last two opponents, Luanna Carolina and Hannah Goldy. Molly has missed weight before and is a stocky flyweight. McCann has a lot to prove in this fight. She is also on fire right now. Meatball is best when she knocks her opponent out. The thing is Blanchfield is so good on the ground most people think if it goes there the fight will end fast. Likewise McCann has a good chance of ending it fast on the feet.

This is one of the more exiting matchups with competitors not ranked in the top 10. A grappler vs striker affair of sorts. Who wins this flyweight matchup between Erin Blanchfield versus Molly Mccann?

Erin Blanchfield versus Molly Mccann

Let us watch UFC 280 before we start taking about UFC 281 WMMA…

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Molly will pull out of the fight. She truly has 0 chance.

Blanchfield loks slow as hell i dont know how she landed that head kick multiple times on her highlight but it working. Molly must have a chance on the feet?