Elvis, don't you have some memoriabilia or something you could trade to him for the canvas? Maybe he could take the price down a little bit.

Cool shit. Maybe cut into pieces like card companies do and sell them for 10-20 a CHUNK. I'd be down. I'll take the UFC guy's knee.

Give the canvas to Elvis ya jerks

Right, cuz Yuma is a millionaire? This isn't the OG. He doesn't even have 18 inch guns.

I would donate to a PAYPAL account for Elvis' Canvas. I'd be in for $5 or $10. If we can get 50 or so people, Elvis might be able to pay for the rest. Who will join me in helping Elvis get his UFC Debut Canvas?

TTT for Elvis' Canvas.


Is the JK for "Jump Kick" or "Just Kidding?"

Seriously, thanks for the offer I really appreciate but you guys don't have to do this for me.  Just the thought makes it all worth while.


It was for "jump kick"

I am still in for raising $$ for Elvis' canvas.

Who will join me?


Email me the pics and I'll post them for you......



Yuma would send it to Elvis and then a few years later Elvis would pass it on to me!


will send you pictures

TTT for pics of Elvis' canvas, so he can begin planning how he will display it. Elvis, once you get the canvas, will you use it in a cage for training etc?

Who will join me in pledging $$ towards Elvis getting his UFC Canvas?


Great Canvas





can't see the pics

I can see them now, can you?

Can't see them.

Can't see them. Upload them to snapfish.com and link.

MDF, good shit. Between the 2 of us we're up to $60-$120 for the elvis' canvas fund. Who else will pledge towards this good cause? Elvis beat Horn on this canvas in his UFC debut.


tito is also interested in it. he demolished tanner on that canvas.

Thanks for the info about SnapFish.... very cool site.  I will be using it to send pics and create Albums.    


They are working now.