im selling the original cage floor canvas from ufc 30(tito vs tanner) it measures 35 feet by 35 feet and in great shape. im not 100 percent sure, but i think this canvas was used in a previous ufc as well. has some blood stains from the fight history of it. will send pics to anyone who can post them here for me. its a cool piece of ufc history and would look way cool in a gym, ring, or cage. asking 1200 but everything is negotiable. in pacific beach, san diego to pick up if possible. email me if needed.

jeremy jnlcouball@hotmail.com

hahaha, the blood stains. thats pretty cool

anyone want to post pics? email me or post and ill email you.


its an investment...in the future, one can use the blood to get DNA and grow a real ultimate fighter

ttt for pics

question, how did you get your hands on it?

Man I would love that.  UFC 30 was my UFC debut.  Sadly though I couldn't afford it and the postive home would be too much for me.  Oh well...



elvis- is it your blood?


Elvis, what will you do with this canvas once you acquire it? Hang it? Store it? Display it?



yuma when the f, did u get this??

Throw out a number Yuma

btw where you watching the fight at dude?

TTT for Elvis' canvas.

Elvis wants his thread


arias- got it about 6 months ago

sd cartel- went to ufc 51 in vegas. email me bro.


"elvis- is it your blood?"

Luckily no, that's the event where I won and tapped Jeremy Horn.

What would I do with the canvass?  I guess I'd hang it up in my living room... :)  Not really sure, it's pretty big.  It would be nice if I could set it up a the gym somehow though.


What better area rug could you have???

TTT fro Elvis' canvas.


ttt for Elvis.

The Baron.