UFC 37.5 (old news)BelfortXLiddel

Great fight, but man... What was with the Biased announcing? I am about the last person to ever be on the Vitor Belfort fan list, but man... That had to be the worst biased announcing in the UFC since UFC 2.

JOE ROGAN!He is the most biased announcer I have ever heard in my life.If he likes you then you are not going to lose in his mind and he lets everyone know it.Watch the fight without him yelling for Chuck the entire time and it was a very close fight, that Chuck did take but was close but, not as bad as Rogan made it out to be.

Yup, Rogan came on here a few weeks after the fight and apologized for beign so biased. It was annoying during the telecast.

i don't remember the announcing but i remember the fight was dead even except for that one punch.

If I had just listened to the fight and saw no video, there would have been no doubt in my mind that Chuck completely dominated the fight.

All I remember is Vitor repeatedly throwing the right head kick with no setup.

and he also threw it just for show, he put nothing behind it. As though he just wanted to show he can reach his head with a kick.