UFC 46 Live Results In Here

Hey folks.

I know that there are a lot of fans outside the U.S. who cannot view the fights as they happen on PPV.

For that reason, I'll be posting live results over at InsideFighting.

You can find the results being updated as they happen at this URL.


Since I am just a lowly mudnamer, I don't believe I can post a live link. If a blueguy or a redguy is inclined to turn that link to a live one, it would be great.

I hope everyone enjoys the fights tonight!

already posted your link in another thread, actually - will you be doing PbP?

I will not be doing PbP. DiSanto and Ron are in Vegas, and will do a full recap of the night.

Thankfully, Mike didn't ask me to do PbP. I don't want to watch the show with a keyboard in my lap.

But as far as the results go- they'll be there as they happen.

I will also be getting the non-aired results. So for everyone who is itching to know about Franca/Thompson etc. Check it out.

cool, I'll check it out before I leave for the sports bar. what time are those fights happening? after 8?