UFC 47 Card!!!

A match between Ken and Ian really doesn't make any sense business wise.

If Ian would have beaten Tiger, then maybe. But why would Ken fight a guy that couldn't beat his student?

Not hating on Ian, just looking at it from a business perspective.

Ken should start to fight fighters who he can beat and should fight at HW only. If Ken is smart he will never fight at 205 ever again. Ken Shamrock also said that he will train with professionals outside of the Lion's Den for his next fight.

Ken Shamrock versus Randy couture would be cool. I know Ken hasn't earned it but it would be cool while Tito and chuck battle it out.

Rich Franklin should get in the picture too.

I'd like to see Lawler fight JJ guy now.

Genki should fight Ludwig.

bring back frank shamrock..atleast for one event. then hall of fame him like ken.................

would love to see a Pulver / Ludwig rematch and so would alot of people

I think Ken vs Ian makes business sense because I think Ian is beatable to Ken although it would be a tough fight. Ken needs a fight that will set up a mani event type fight for him down the road. Like him or not Ken sells PPV's.

Peter P

Yes, let's bring Ian Freeman back... I love to watch that guy fight! Ian/Shamrock is a great match up.


yes, bring cyborg in!

I bet you will see Tank/Shamrock on the card.

Babalu needs to come back to the UFC. Maybe against Freeman, Eastman, or Franklin.

I would love to see Babalu Vs. Franklin.

I thought Freeman retired?

I would like to see Griffin on the big show, I hear such great things about him.

Just to stop all the rumors guy's.... I aint fighting Shamrock. In fact I aint even been asked to fight in the UFC.

Taking a little time off competing as I have a few health issues. (reason I was bad during my Vernon White fight and pulled out from my fight five weeks after against Overeem)

Back to the speacialist on January 2nd, so fingers crossed they have got some good news and you will see The Machine back in action soon.

Happy holiday's everyone.


Get well Ian!

Anybody know the location / date for UFC 47?

Don't forget to send me a dollar!

Ian, I hope to see you back stronger than ever Ian.

Peter P

Get well soon Ian.

I'm not injured Uncle Justice, I have a medical problem that the specialist are finding out for me. I am constantly tired for no reason what so ever. I can wake up on a morning and feel like the energy has just been zapped out of my body even after a god nights sleep and a lazy day the day before.

I was living with Jeremy Horn for four weeks prior to my Vernon fight and this how I felt, even Jeremy was a little concerned about me, (or was that because he was frightened I would not be able to pay him rent, lol)

I have rested for six weeks and never lifted a finger, but no better, I have changed my diet and no better, I have took energy pill/drink, but no better.

Anyway, I'm sick do death of the blood test, but hopefully I will find out from my results on January 2nd. Due to our National Health System being free over it, it takes 4 - 5 weeks for these kind of tests to return. (Been told that these test are more than what your local doctor askes for)

I have beed told via the specialist what it may be, but until I get my results back, I do not want to tell you guy's until I know for sure. And before you guy's start shouting I'm HIV+ or anything like that, lol, nope I'm not. And it aint contagious either.

My only concern is that when I return to the specialist, they say that there is nothing wrong, because I know I aint fit any more and something is kicking the bejezeesus out of me. If there is something wrong, then hopefully they will give me a pill, put me right and then I can compete again and fight at full stregnth instead of half steam.

fingers crossed!


Good luck Ian with your recovery.

Peter P