UFC 47 Hotel Blocks

Here are the room blocks for UFC 47. These are guaranteed rates. The hotel's websites may currently have cheaper rates but these rates will be guaranteed up to the event.

Luxor - (800) 288-1000

Group code: T6UFC2

Wed. 3/31 $89.00

Thur. 4/1 $89.00

Fri. 4/2 $159.00

cutoff for guaranteed rate and availability 3/2/04

Excalibur - (800)937-7777

Group code: XUFC01

Wed. 3/31 $69.00

Thur. 4/1 $69.00

Fri. 4/2 $149.95

Sat. 4/2 $169.95

cutoff for guaranteed rate and availability 3/2/04

Jaydub, prices subject to change. LOL


Thank you.

the luxor is a dope place to stay...i stay there when the UFC is at the mandalay because i cant afford the mandalay.

UScott, you crack me up.

LOL. Good. I appreciate you posting it. Any chance of swinging a deal at the event site? For UFC 34, UFC swung a deal for 99.00 a night. That rocked. Except for the part when some loud boob at 6 in the morning came yelling down the hall and I went out to whoop his ass.

The guy turned out to be Frank Shamrock. I quietly closed the door.

Those are the prices that the MB gave us.

It's March Madness Final Four weekend so that's why the rates aren't super low.

Hmmm I have 2 extra rooms at my house, I should rent them out for like 80 bucks a night and make some nice pocket change.

Thank you! I am booking a bunch of rooms for a
guy I am standing up for. He gets married in June,
and has a FAMOUS time in April.

Damn it, Beth! I plan on going to the FF. Decisions, decisions..........

No more UFC's on prominent sports weekends. I missed the 1st half of the Super Bowl driving home from 46

LOL, Bryan

Go to the final four on Saturday. The first game is on Saturday and then finals on Monday.


*calls Leer jet pilot to tell him to change flight itinerary*

Roger that, Beth.

saucylv33--- where do i get a copy of each of those flyers for the ufc 47? i would like a copy of all versions. how and where?

where do i get those straps that holds the passes around your neck? the ones that say ufc.tv on them in black and gold. how and where? i collect passes and have a lot with no straps.

is it true that the ufc zuffa loby has all the ufc posters(1-present) hanging up? are they all in there? i have a few questions about posters. i collect posters and wonder about a few of the older ones. are you the cat to ask?

email me if you can jnlcouball@hotmail.com

offer her some milk and a ball of yarn