UFC 48 After Hour Parties

So for those of us that are going to UFC 48, what after-hour party are you planning to hit up: hang the around M Bay, Rain, Rum Jungle, Drai's, casino hopping? Is there an official UFC after-party, it would be tight to see the fighters up close.


lets have a meet up before as well

Sylvia & Hughes are having a party at House Of Blues. Baroni is having his at Bakini's at the Rio

ive heard House of Blues is cool Lets meet up there before the show as well.Im having a 420 before the fight.Im staying at Mandalay Bay

Shit, I am bringing at least a quarter of some dank with me, a 420 session sounds appropriate. I plan to go early for the pre-fights, I have been late to all the UFCs I have been to. I will be driving in Friday night. If you guys are serious, I am more than down to chill with my fellow UG brothas, House of Blues is pretty tight, we can meet up there.


PIMP hit me with an email DarenX007@Aol.Com


uncle hit me up with an email.How about 1 at House Of Blues ? Email meeeeee

ttt im trying to mail him but the function aint working


I'm driving in to Vegas Friday morning, I can't wait.

Gary Hughes

anyone who wants to meet email me and leave ur phone #

I'll send you an email in a few Wolf. This is starting to sounds like a potentially phat session, it would be cool to meet some of you cats in person...


Any of you fools going to UFC 49 in August?

doubt it but ya nava know

I heard Trigg's having a party over at Luxor's RA

I heard Trigg's having a party over at Luxor's RA