UFC 48....When and Where????

Can anyone "in-the-know" tell me when (exactly what date)and where UFC 48 will be held. I heard Las Vegas in June can anyone confirm. Please give dates if you can. I am trying to make advance travel arraingments for 10-16 people. Thanks in advance!!!


No date yet.

yes 48 and 49 are in vegas...no date yet

Thanks guys......I'll keep a look out for the dates!

I hope the UFC comes to Mohegan SUN in CT again!Does anyone have any info on this?

Saturday July 3rd...Vegas....confirmed by Dana White

Probable Main Event: Vitor vs. Randy

The date is not confirmed yet.

Ooops, my bad. I thought Dana said it was...he was
talking about Captain America fighting the day before
the 4th of July.

Butif saucylv33 says it's not confirmed....it's not

well if Dana said it's July 3, then it probably will be, even if it hasn't been officially confirmed yet.


So it looks like a 3 month break between shows