UFC 51 - Saturday, February 5. If you're planning on coming to Vegas, I suggest you get your tickets soon.

The tickets are on pace to sell out before event day.

UFC 51 Spot

You should have included the Arlovski clip where all the drool is dripping from his teeth.

This show has the potential to be the best eva!

lol. i still dont get why terrel is fighting for the title

Cause he KO'd Linland, and he also has some big wins in Japan. I like how people are making it like Terell sucks and hes never had a fight before.

Who do u suggest get a shot?

this then the Eagles winning the Superbowl.....

What could be better??


arias...new england will win....AGAIN!


kewl. I'm really looking foreward to Sylvia/Arlovski.


oh HELL yeah!

Damn I can't wait to see Dave KO Evan and Tito pummel Vitor.Arlovski and Sylvia is a tough one to call though.

I'm looking for wins from Pete Sell, Belfort, Terrell, and Orlovski. This card is gonna be excellent.

Don't forget they got Diaz,Karo and Riggs on this card all against some stiff ass competition!

Rick we will see

Looking good!