UFC 59 pay: fighters, refs, judges

What fighters, judges, and refs got paid at UFC 59, read all that info here:



The following are the fighter payouts from the UFC 59 "Reality Check" show. We were unable to obtain the win bonus figures, but in most cases (especially undercard guys) you just duplicate the "show" purse, which is what the numbers below represent. In the case of a guy like Tito Ortiz, there's also the possibility that part of the deal was to get a percentage of the PPV revenue, which is something that was done at UFC 57 for Chuck Liddell and Randy Couture, both of whom reportedly earned over a million dollars when all was said and done.

Fighter Payouts

Andrei Arlovski - $90,000

Tim Sylvia - $45,000

Nick Diaz - $10,000

Sean Sherk - $8,000

Tito Ortiz - $200,000

Forrest Griffin - $16,000

Evan Tanner - $20,000

Justin Levens - $5,000

Marcio Cruz - $5,000

Jeff Monson - $5,000

Karo Parisyan - $8,000

Nick Thompson - $5,000

Scott Smith - $3,000

David Terrell - $6,000

Terry Martin - $2,000

Jason Lambert - $4,000

Thiago Alves - $4,000

Derrick Noble - $3,000

Total Fighter Payout (strictly show purses): $439,000

Miscellaneous payouts

All referees (including "Big" John McCarthy) - $1,200 each

CSAC doctors - $600-800 each

CSAC judges - $1,000 each

All figures are courtesy of the California State Athletic Commission.

BJM only gets $1200 a show????? I find that very hard to believe. And how in the fuck is Tito making 200k ????????


Yoshida, Silva, Sakuraba, and Cro Cop make more per fight than the whole UFC fight purse combined.

Wanderlei stated in a Brazillian MMA forum recently that he has made 540k for his last three fights, and around one million for his fight with Hunt on a previous NYE show. I will post the link to Silva's post soon.

I thought F. Griffin had 6 figure contract from the UFC....am I missing something?!??!?!

Let me preface this by saying that these are rumours tht I have heard in and around this board and are probably not true, however:

6 figures = 100,000 over 3 years.

Fighting twice a year for 16,000 = 32k

32k x 3years = 96k

With another fight somewhere along the lines = 100k hence a six figure contract.

But he does have a contract with Xyience so I'm sure he's making some bank.

Also keep in mind that win bonuses are not shown in the Pay scale from my first post

I find these threads funny because everyone wants to bitch and do all this about the money these guys make. You know what though, these guys aren't bitching. They didn't have to sign for this kind of money, they chose to. Why would the UFC dish out more cash to these guys when they will fight for peanuts? If the fighters wanted more money, they need to start a union or basically, just refuse to fight for this type of money. Once that happened, they would be forced to raise their purses but, as long as you have quality fighters willing to fight for jack shit, why not pay them that?

"BJM only gets $1200 a show????? I find that very hard to believe. And how in the fuck is Tito making 200k ????????"

That is all refs, not just BJM, so what 4 refs split 1200 bucks

If the UFC continues to grow in popularity eventually some of the money will trickle down to the fighters. The problem is that as long as the UFC maintains a monopoly on the US market they will continue to pay these guys as little as they can get away with. Plenty of fighters will be happy to fight for as little as $5,000-2,000 because it's still double what they can make fighting anywhere else in the states. And as soon as these guys lose a fight or two they'll be out and they'll get another first timer willing to fight for peanuts in the hope that they'll be the "next Tito Ortiz or Chuck Liddell". And as soon as they lose a fight, well there's still plenty more guys willing to take their place to fight for peanuts.

I am so glad the money the keep making off of PPV is going to the fighters like everyone said would happen if they charge more so it was justified /sarcasm

Yeah seriously!!! They have raised the PPV a toal of $10 over the last year and with the way the UFC's popularity is increasing I'm sure they have made a boatload of money off of just the PPV alone. I think its totally fucked that fighters are paid that type of money :(

Forrest is sooo poor man. He's only making 5 figures a year!

"That is all refs, not just BJM, so what 4 refs split 1200 bucks"

This is incorrect. Please read the first post again.

Still, difficult to believe BJM is living off of $1200 per month.

"Yoshida, Silva, Sakuraba, and Cro Cop make more per fight than the whole UFC fight purse combined."

Again, read the first post again. Those figures are only the show purses, and do not include win bonuses. Still, yes, the top Pride fighters make more than the top UFC fighters... strictly in purse money, anyway. Tito, Liddell, and Couture are all millionaires, without a doubt, despite their purse money never reaching above $300,000 (to my knowledge).

Hell, even GSP, who makes about $30,000 in purse money per fight, is reportedly set to become a millionaire this year.

Sponsorships in the US are, on average, way better than in Japan.

The UFC is a business. It is any business's goal to pay their employees the absolute minimum they are willing to work for.

"Still, difficult to believe BJM is living off of $1200 per month"

Why would he have to live off of being a ref?

That is just what is declared. Dont you guys remember the post with the salaries for K1 Vegas?

"Sponsorships in the US are, on average, way better than in Japan."

So a Xyience sponsorship is worth more than a Schick, Dole, Sqauresoft, Yokohama Tires, Sapporo, or Nike sponsorship? Not to mention all the media appearances Pride/K-1 fighters make.

Xyience isn't the only sponsor these guys have. It got so ridiculous hearing the fighters list their sponsors that Zuffa had to place a muzzle over the fighters' mouths. Even still, you see their trunks, shirts, hats, and whatever else they can find to slap sponsors' names onto. You don't see nearly as much of that in Pride. Not saying it doesn't happen there either, just not like in the UFC.

From what I can tell, only a few Pride fighters get huge sponsorships (Cro Cop is one of them), while the rest get very little. Rampage has stated that even though UFC would pay him less, he'd still make at least as much money fighting in the UFC as he would in Pride because of sponsorships.