UFC 59 Undercard results

Would be really cool to post on this thread.


i will be posting them as they finish, just like past events

"spoiler" in the title, so i dont piss anyone off

Jason Lambert KO's Terry Martin, 3rd round

Alves split dec. over Noble

LOL @ Daniel...

havent started yet, but good try though...LOL

HB...is Daniel trolling? Seriously worried here about Noble.

hes trolling

alves fight hasnt started yet

I was worried to Jason

i will post the real results as the fights finish

they are starting in 15 minutes

Well Randy, I just had to convince my family that I got some dust in my eyes....

I'm trolling? LOL, this whole thread title is a troll! :-P

Nick Thompson KO over Parisyan 12 seconds of the 1st round

Daniel...true. I stand corrected.

fights are about to start

5 minutes until first fight starts

HB, are you there?


but i got resources that provide the info :)

yamo call my buddy, Eddie Bravo, and find out wassup

Keep us updated Mir's taint

LOL @ Mirs taint

your never gonna let me forget that one are ya