UFC 60 in Texa$?!?!?!

So im going to be down in Rice Texa$ over the weekend visiting relatives. Anybody live nearby willing to have an internet legend and professional fighter(hence the green name)over for cocktails and to view this event?

where the hell is rice and who are you?

not to be disrespectful to a legend and pro, just curious

im not sure where Rice is exactly, Will be my first time going.Somewhere down I-45 on the other side of Dallas. And don't act like you don't know who i am? I'll TTT another of my threads!!!

i live waaaayyy down south right beside la

Rice is in Houston.

Kancho, if you could make it up to Dallas, you are more then welcome to watch it at my place

What? Nobody remembers Kancho's wife???

go to hooters if all else fails

ttt for Shane Motherfucking Garrett.

Your welcome here! adambarnoneguerra@msn.com

ttt for Cesar Gracie Purple Belt, Shane Garrett.

LOL @ the troll Nick Nitro!!!! Im 0-21 fag!!! I know Rice is about 5 hours away. About an hour or so south of Dallas. Is there anybody close to that? Thanks for the replies, I appreciate it.

So anyways, Rice is between Ennis and Corsicana!! Two hours and counting.. Any help would be appreciated!!!

You're more than welcome to come watch it here Kancho; )