UFC 62 Fight discussion!!!!!!

fuck all the dumb side threads.
keep the fight discussions in here.
the 62 fights.........not the gay titojenna bullshit

Yeas Neer got tooled.
Chuck had awesome footwork.
forrest had good footwork and hands as well, and great leg kicks.

Hermes hair color was a great selection. whatever you want......just keep the dumb idiotic talk out of here.


HW on the verizon......Chiek Kondo (sp???) vs Andrei Arlovski

I am putting out there now as a potential fight of year, as long as no ones leg gets fractured


I told ya.
keep that shit outta here

Now I gotta send OMA after you

I figured more uppercuts and high knees from Diaz since Neer just stood there taking body shot after body shot and took it.

his midsection and (more or less) center chin area was open in that close quarters clinch there kept landing in