UFC 62: Max Debate

Max Debate: UFC 62 Liddell vs. Sobral
August 25, 2006
Tommy Messano & Sean McClure

UFC 62 live from the Mandalay events center Saturday August 26th is a fight card with one championship rematch and one rematch pushed by reality show buzz, sounds a little like UFC 61. Here at Max Debate we're not here to criticize, we're here to argue. Maxfighting's Tommy Messano and Sean McClure attempt to make their point without being second guessed on Sunday morning.


Don't forget to place your bets!
Odds as of 8/26/2006 9:00 a.m.

Cheick Kongo -178 Christian Wellisch +168
Forrest Griffin -240 Stephan Bonnar +220
Hermes Franca -505 Jamie Varner +455
Wes Combs +100 Wilson Gouveia -110
David Heath -206 Cory Walmsley +186
Rob MacDonald -150 Eric Schafer +140
Yushin Okami -196 Alan Belcher +181
Nick Diaz -160 Josh Neer -150
Chuck Liddell -300 Renato Sobral +270

Those odds are so tempting, I just put $50.00 bux on Varner. I've heard amazing things about him and I think he can stay away from a submission and grind out a decision or ref stoppage.

not through pinnacle but ive got 50 on Franca actually. I think he is aware of Varners abilities and weaknesses and will go to the ground as fast as possible to submit him.

So will you win like $9 if franca wins? that how those work?

you must have a side bet for straight money with someone? At the sportsbook I can't imagine you putting down 50 bux to make 10.

So how does the Neer/Diaz fight work? I thought someone was always the underdog.

That has to be a misprint. I would guess that Neer must be +150

I am surprised about the odds for Bonnar/Griffin, too, considering their last fight was won by a very narrow margin...

If you attempt to place a bet, it will show you what you would win depending on how much you bet. How much you will win all depends on how much you bet but if you bet on the underdog (the fighter with the + sign) you will win more than if you bet on the one with the - symbol.

the way i remember it is:

if there's a negative sign on the number, and that person wins

you win your bet/(number/100)

if it's a plus sign and that person wins

you win your bet*(number/100)

for instance, betting $10 on varner, if he wins, you will win

$10 *4.55 = $45.50

or if you bet $10 on franca and he wins, you win:

$10/5.05 = $1.98

You have to be out of your mind stevo evo ... close fight but Nick Diaz should be the fav ...

Why am I out of my mind? Did you read the right post?

"From: Chris
Date: 08/25/06 12:10 PM
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you must have a side bet for straight money with someone? At the sportsbook I can't imagine you putting down 50 bux to make 10."

Yes sir.

  • means they are the underdog, - the favorite. chuck is a -300, which means that you would have to bet 300$ to win 100.

Is it too late to put $1000 on Schafer? Good gawd, what a raping that was.