UFC 66

Lets get out in front of our pics now...

For some fairly secure action I'm taking AA, Bisping, Forrest and MacDonald. Still up in the air if Rory can stay mentally strong and pull the upset and laying some timber down on Tito as an underdog is HARD to resist.

What about some opinions...

AA should demolish PdP, but -440? I don't think so.

Too much chalk for those picks, IMHO.

I like J Mac's # tho, Leben is quite slow. But J Mac's jaw isn't the hardest, and that does worry me a little.

I think that Chuck will KO Tito in RD 1. Bad matchup stylistically for Tito.

2 best #s are Chuck & J Mac if u ask me.

oops I mean -476.... too high even tho this fight, on paper, is a mismatch

Good insighg surfin joe....but with a parlay bet with AA, Bisping, Forrest, and J Mac I can get 5 to 1 odds. You're more than likely correct on the Tito/Chuck fight....it's very hard to go against The Iceman.

sounds like a good 5 to 1 parlay. Jardine and Leben worry me a bit... but it sounds like you have a good shot there.

to me, Chuck is a more solid win than Forrest. you may want to shitcan Forrest for Chuck, or simply add Chuck and drive the value up higher.

parlays are always tough.

I like Bisping, Forrest, Okami, and Liddell for my parlay.

hey joe, email me buddy. I lost your address. PEACE


you got mail, bro.

Sounds like solid advice...Thanks joe....can't wait for this PPV!

"with a parlay bet with AA, Bisping, Forrest, and J Mac I can get 5 to 1 odds"

... did you sub Chuck for Forrest? I hope so...

surfin joe had it pegged.

let's hope mr. r held off on forrest.

hahaha....No i didn't....I was excited as hell when MacDonald chocked out The Rooster...but i mean it's all in good fun. Thanks for the good advice though joe...I'll have to listen more next time.