UFC 67 HD question...

UFC 67 PPV HD is offered for $49.95. Is it worth the 10 dollars for HD? I am sure there is another thread about this but I am too damn lazy to look for it.

no help here?!?!?

Sure it is, if you have an HD setup. On a normal TV it won't look any different.

$10 to see half naked men in amazing detail...

Whatever floats your boat... :)

Have you seen the NFL on HD? Its a whole other level of TV, once you do see it on a quality TV its hard to go back to a standard signal...my guess with the UFC in HD would be that it will be the same

It will vary from person to person.  If you have a sick 1080 tv, I personally think it will be worth it and plan on shelling out the extra 10.

As psyched as I am to see the UFC in HD, I sure as hell don't think it warrants an extra ten bucks.

It will look awesome, like being there, based on the older UFCs they've shown in HD on the InHD channel. Plus it is widescreen.

Worth $10? I don't know. I was going to buy it at $40, but now I don't think I am. I don't pay extra for the HD versions of any other channel, including premium ones, so I don't want to for this. At least EliteXC and the UFCs on HBO will be shown in HD at no extra charge.

Does it cost them more to broadcast in HD?


"duh"-is that directed at me fool!!?!??!

" Does it cost them more to broadcast in HD?"

I imagine, but who knows. They've been taping in HD for years now, but not broadcasting. I would think InDemand would subsidize it, since I think they must be desperate to get something on that HD PPV channel, which has been blank as long as I've had HD.

Thxs orcus you UFC lover!!

I got Dish Network, anyone know if they will be carrying the HD broadcast of the PPV? If so what channel?

I'm pissed that my Cox doesn't have an HD ppv channel.