UFC 68 Presale Ticket Question

It looks like tickets for UFC 68 are going to be available for a "presale" this Saturday.

Anyone know what you have to do to qualify for the presale?


i'm sure beth will chime in when she has the info.



What price are the tickets starting at? Where in Columbus will it be at?

It will be at Nationwide Arena (same place where the Blue Jackets play). Its a great building and seats a little over 18000 for hockey. With floor seating a sellout for the UFC would likely be at least 19000. It's a great building and should be a fantastic venue for the UFC.

I'm not certain, but from what I can see the ticket prices will be a little less than the Vegas events with a rangoe fo $50 - $400 (at least that it what I could garner from the ticketmaster website).