UFC 70 in HD

I don't suppose there is any way to view UFC 70 in HD in the U.S.A.

I just got a Sony vw50 (the pearl) and was hoping to start watching in HD. can't complain that the fights are free, but still was looking forward to my first HDTV / MMA experience.

anyone else on here own a projector? i used to own a sony vw11, and thats what i've watched the majority of fights on since around 2002 when i bought that bastard...the vw50 is an awesome unit (too bad the remote control blows ass).


i don't think spike is offered in HD anywhere is it?

needs to be... isn't 2007 the deadline they set for all this HD stuff?

I was considering dish network, they seem to have the most HD at the moment, buying out voom and all. Although there was no NFL package. also- DirecTV's HD DVR's suck is the main reason i'm thinking dish, the (dish) ViP 622 got good reviews. too bad it's not as easy to upgrade the hard drive(s) as a TiVo though...

at any rate, hey it's 4/20 ;) too bad they didn't let diaz fight somebody today cuz he would have been stoned, and therefore he would have an unfair "advantage" of winning. :)

HDNet channel has Friday Night Fights. Tonight is an MMA show from Hawaii. DirecTV rocks but your right that the DVR sucks.

Dish is the way to go!!!!

My old boss has Direct-TV and the HD picture is not as good as what I get(Dish Network)and dish currently offers more channels in HD and is cheaper.

If you subscribe get the America's Everything Package with HD GOLD so you get Showtime(Elite XC in HD and Boxing),HBO(future UFC's and Boxing),ION(Bodog Fight),MYQ network(IFL Battleground),Fox Sports(IFL and Pride FC),and of course the best of all.......Spike FFIN' TV(UFC 70)!!!

Direct-TV is HD LITE!!!!!!!!!!ya' heard it hear!

Spike doesn't have any broadcasts in HD.

Yes Feb. 2009

Bailx420... How do you like the projector?!

jeepster... i love this thing.... the only downsides are some minor inconveniences that the vw11 did better..... like the new remote kinda sucks, and you don't get the 6-quick switch memory presets, but as far as picture quality and connector types, it's a great unit... i'm very happy with it so far. and i havn't even been using a screen, just the wall....and also havn't sampled any HD content on it yet. (btw i own an 01' cherokee ;)

mr. zipplokk.. i'm using some old bose i've had for probably over a decade now ;) i'd love to be able to get something new, but these things do the trick and they still sound alot better than much of the other crap out there. it's just a stereo setup, i forget the model #.


the only one major downside to owning (any) projector i guess is the fact that most TV feeds are still in SD and for example... Spike looks kinda bad... but thats all in the feed, and a projector is going to just make all those imperfections look even worse. that being said you do get used to it, and i'd still rather watch fights on a 10' wide screen than my old 33" TV.

.... one last thing....

i've ordered a dvdo vp50 video processor... (third one i'm testing now... they keep getting more $) anyways it will improve all SD content, it even does some anti-aliasing, for anyone familier with computer gaming, then you know thats good stuff to have... and i'm hoping it makes things like a playstation 2, or all these standard definition channels look better.

jesus that was a long post sorry ;)

It's not just that Spike isn't in HD, it's a really low quality signal, at least on cable...


UFC 70 was shot in HD as are all UFC events theSE days, even UFN's.

The only way you'll get to see them in HD though is if they put any FIGHTS (Bisping/Elvis, Crocop/Gonzaga) on the Xbox Live Video Marketplace.