UFC 71 Gifs

Alexander wrecks Jardine

Martin slams Salaverry

Karo throws Burkman

Rampage KO's Liddell

Karo GOTS CRAZY throws...He threw Burman like it was nothing

Jardine got smashed. UFC 71 was awesome.

Nice work Keegan, thanks


great work. Overall I was impressed by the fights. I give 71 an A-.

Here's a gif I made of Chuck and Rampage.


for Scotty87...

Thanks Rule, but they can't compare to Tank flying off a motorcycle :)

haha thanks man :) keep up the good work


check out that jardine gif, and remember: bite that mouthpiece HARD

wow....thanks for the gifs, Keegan!!

"Those were some nice shots right to the back of Jardine and Salaverry's heads."

Jardine's face had already bounce of the mat and his mouth piece was already lying on the ground.

Besides that rule is like the fence grabbing rule, it is never penalized and thus it might as well not exist.

ttt 4 more later


great card, exciting fights