UFC 72 Undercard -Which do u want?

Since the main card only has 4 fights.... we'll probably get 2-3 undercard bouts.
Looking forward to any?

Preliminary Bouts:
Scott Smith (13-3-0) Vs. Ed Herman (14-4-0)
Scott SmithEd Herman

Jason Tan (5-1-0) Vs. Marcus Davis (16-4-0)
Jason TanMarcus Davis

Eddie Sanchez (8-1-0) Vs. Colin Robinson (9-2-0)
Eddie SanchezColin Robinson

Dustin Hazelett 10-3-0) Vs. Stevie Lynch (4-0-0)
Dustin HazelettColin Robinson

Tom Murphy (5-1-0) Vs. TDB (Jake O'Brien injured)
Tom MurphyColin Robinson

Main Card Bouts:
Rich Franklin (23-2-0) Vs. Yushin Okami (21-3-0)
Rich FranklinYushin Okami

Hector Ramirez (6-2-1)  Vs. Forrest Griffin (13-4-0)
Hector RamirezForrest Griffin

Rory Singer (12-7-0) Vs. Jason MacDonald (19-8-0)
Rory SingerJason MacDonald

Clay Guida (21-4-0) Vs. Tyson Griffin (8-1-0)
Clay GuidaTyson Griffin

I see Smith/Herman being exciting. I hope we get to see it.

Jason Tan!

^^^^^^^^6Probably better than Pride's next card................oh wait, is Pride ever gonna have a next card????

Whats this have to do with pride?

Im just responding to that fact that Pridegp1 cant make a positive post about ufc, so it was more a dig at him than anything, cause I know he cries himself to sleep over zuffa buying pride.

I wanna see Jason Tan KO Marcus Davis with one of his gigantic ears.

I got Guida, Franklin, Herman, Forrest, MacDonald, Davis, and the rest I don't know the fighters that well.

I would love to see Ed Herman get his face bashed in

Wow, I'll be honest guys. I have no idea who Jason Tan, Colin Robinson or Stevie Lynch are.

okami franklin is interesting...but

it is a horrid show.

ttt for guida!!!

Sorry, I fell asleep reading through those bouts. WTF is the UFC thinking with this card?

I'd like to see Smith-Herman, by the way this card sucks, wasn't this one originally suppose to be free on Spike instead of PPV?

The Tom Murphy fight has been removed off the card on ufc.com.


marcus davis for sure, hes a great fighter, allways entertaining and hes the irish hand grenade for christ sake. Not to mention hes a fellow mainah

I am not excited about any match other that franklin okami and for me that isn't enough to buy this one.

Herman vs Smith,

Guida vs Griffin,

Franklin vs Okami

all look like good fights to me.

Tan/Davis or Herman/Smith