UFC 73: Most anticipated fight?

Out of all the fights which when do you care to see the most.

I can't wait to see Silva vs. Nate. I think Nate has a good shot to take home the belt, and mainstream fans are going to be like "Who the fuck is this guy?". Then I expect everyone to jump on the bandwagon, as usual. Just like Franklin, Silva is beatable, despite what some people say.


Silva vs. Nate

Sherk Hermes

all should be great fights


Bocek/Edgar and Robinson/Florian

fickett/lytle should be great too

Mark Bocek vs Frank Edgar and Anderson Silva vs Nate the Great

tito is gonna whup some ass!

For me Saraiva vs Gurgel

Tito beating up on Rashad will be the best for me followed close by Silva beating Nate.

Tito/Rashad &


Gurgel vs Saraiva



Why are some people interested in the Gurgel fight so much, gimme the lowdown. Is this fight even gonna be shown on PPV? Doubt it.

tito beating down or getting beat down by rashad i don't see this going to decision either way

My answer WOULD be Mino if he wasn't fighting someone he already owns. WTF is that? Some kind of ownership renewal?

I guess I'm most excited for Tito/Rashad.

tito v Rashad