UFC 74 Idea

I had an Idea for the theme of UFC 74, it probably won't happen, but it was just an idea:



Randy Couture vs. Gabriel Gonzaga

Chuck Liddell vs. Brandon Vera

Royce Gracie vs. Diego Sanchez

Evan Tanner vs. Mike Swick

Ken Shamrock vs. Michael Bisping


Dave Menne vs. Martin Kampmann

Frank Mir vs. Jake O'Brien

Tony DeSouza vs. Jon Fitch

Shonie Carter vs. Jeff Joslin

Yves Edwards vs. Roger Huerta

Any additions? Subtractions?

Would you want to see this card?

Mir vs O'Brien would have potential to put me to sleep!

Drop Sanchez and make it Gracie V.S KOS

If it were a perfect world, I would have included other guys like Baroni, Mark Coleman, etc. but I only used guys who are currently under UFC contract.

You forgot DANA vs TITO!!!

I like the theme but, as much as I hate to say it Royce would not last long with Diego. It would be a big mismatch. Also I after Tito vs Ken I, II and III. I could do without seeing him fight again.

no interest in ever seeing shamrock, gracie, or mir ever again


That's an idea except it would never happen. You have at least 4 fighters who would demand top dollar. The UFC can take those matches, space them out and make more money that way. These supercards are just fantasy.

I realize this is pure fantasy, but thought it would be cool to see what other match ups people would want to see.

Aurelio to WRECK Huerta in 74

I actually have no interest in seeing vets such as Gracie and Shamrock in the octagon. Right now I'm really enjoying the LW and WW divisons in the UFC and I could mix and match those fighters for the next couple years and be happy.

Why the hell would I want to see Dave Menne in the UFC again? I have respect for the guy, but he is no longer UFC caliber.