UFC 74 Poster??? anyone?

I've been seeing tine scans of the new UFC 74 poster on the net. I usually see a nice full size (8.5 x 11 inch) scan somewhere here on the UG.

Anyone got the scan to post? Please??

By the way, it's a VERY NICE looking poster.

Saucylv33 to the rescue.

*BTW Beth..... you have mail


that's a sweet poster.

That's getting ordered fo sure.

Very nice!! Thank you. Now if only I could get you to do a similar one for UFC 70 and TUF 5 Finale..
UFC 70 posters are nowhere to be found, even ebay.


I was at TUF 5 Finale this past weekend. What a great show! Got my big poster signed by lots of fighters. Took lots of pictures. I cant wait to go to another small show like the Fight Night shows. We were three rows away from the very last row, but The view was incredible! Those small venues rock!


Nice...they added Couture's strap.



evilllll whats up?

Kos looks...... aroused