UFC 83 was not the same

Without Rogan, I am suprised he didnt come up to Canada to celebrate his favorite holiday...must of been some serious family business for him to miss this trip.

I thought Kenny did a great job. e was much better than I anticipated. Not as animated as Joe but I thought he was going o be terrible

 I like Kenny better than Joe


I dont need an excited commentator to get me hyped

It was better without Rogan IMO.

They need kenny as the third chair. Goldie for space filling/ufc promoting junk, rogan for excitement and he has some good knowledge of bjj, and kenny for his insight and analysis into MMA matches.

When its just joe and goldie they get repetitive and sometimes have nothing to say, they really need a third person there who can bring some more skills to the table.

 stick with Kenny

I wouldn't mind having Kenny commentate when he is not on the card. Him with Rogan and Goldie would be ideal.

Your right, it was different.