UFC 86 Results

 UFC 86: Jackson vs Griffin Results!

looks good.


 Thanks for the heads up! URL should be correct.

I can remove UFC fight threads earlier. They were an attempt to focus discussion. Seems to have workd?

when it says 'submission' it should specify the technique.

^agreed. A lot of the fighter's teams aren't up to date either. Other than that, awesome.

And this was a PPV???

What a waste.

Got the round wrong for Hill and Buckholz. It was the second round

AWESOME job on the sticky's Kirik. I loved being able to come on here and find whats up in like 2 seconds.

Great idea.

 Thanks for the feedback guys. I apologise for letting so many stay up for so long. Next time I will maybe try a single thread for the prelim fights, and will take down that night.