UFC 88 Ordering Problems

Please post any UFC 88 PPV ordering problems here. Please specify your location & cable/ satellite provider. Thanks!

I can't order it!!! White Plains, NY.

Oh well, I guess I'll just watch the free stream.

big fatso - what's the issue? your cable box?


saucylv33 - big fatso - what's the issue? your cable box?

No; nothing like that. My mom won't let me order it :(

blank screen

its just black

comcast atlantic city

Big Fatso- take out the trash or walk the dog! ;) You gotta earn it!

MMA Memories, please call comcast ASAP and ask them to reset your cable box. they have to "ping" it.

 charter communications, birmingham AL

ComcastHD south jersey.. black screen.. can't see shit

It's still giving me the option not to order but I wanna see this shit


Why did I stop receiving the promotional materials when I was in college?? I used to post those posters everywhere!! I got tons of people at my prestigious Ivy League university into it.

I got in trouble more than once posting those promotional posters in areas with high visibility where I wasn't allowed to.

I came on here and noticed people were still getting them even though I wasn't? :(

That's when I started watching PRIDE. I was very sad :*(

FCF - what's the issue?

 blank screen

Time Warner Cable Charlotte, North Carolina

im getting NOTHING !!!

I cant see the High def. version, had to order it on regular.

Natural born leader- what's the issue? thanks

cablevision was just stupid with there schedule on the HD feed, at exactly 10 it said it was no longer available for purchase so im stuck watching it in SD, which makes my hdtv and surround sound pretty useless for tonight

no problems. watching it for free on the net once again. lmao.

no problems. watching it for free on the net once again. lmao.

the signal just popped up

15 min into the show!

i was still on hold