UFC 88 Press Conf Pics

Chuck IS really cool about that... In some of the fighters defense though, a lot are testy because they've been dieting and cutting all week...

Has Karo every used weights in his life? He looks so skinny!

You see Karo's eyes in that top group of pictures? He's screwed.

Tracy, where is the party @ tonight??

^^^ read her blog

Is the Leopard Lounge worth a shit??

Master Shredder - 
xakx - 

WTF is it me or does Karo look way different?

Its called the Anxiety diet... I do not reccomend.

Karo looks like John Tutturo on crack. 

Dirty Cake - Karo looks like John Tutturo on crack. 

You said it, man! Nobody fucks with the Jesus.