UFC 93 in Dublin, Ireland Promo (vid)


itll be nice to see Shogun avenge his fluke loss to Coleman. Hendo and Franklin is a SICK fight!


Where in Dublin is it?

The new O2 place?

Yeah Ferox, O2 arena. You coming?

You guys reckon tickets are going to neccessitate joining the fight club?

Dunno Bootsy. I joined it for Belfast but my subscription ran out. To be honest, no matter where you sit - you'll probably just end up looking at the big screen.

 I'll be there, so will Wayne McCullough.


More than likey JOB.
Still not an opportunity that comes round alot- may as well do it in a grand stylee.
Though hotels, blow and loud clothing are expenses I'm already stretching to accomodate!

DJStudd - im not sure Dublin is ready for me to return......or is it ?


Ah DjStudd is a good lad Bootsy. He can have a pint with us!