UFC 98: Evans vs. Machida

With a combined record of 32-0-1, light heavyweight stars "Sugar" Rashad Evans and Lyoto "The Dragon" Machida have left a trail of destruction behind them that includes some of the greatest fighters in UFC? history. Now in the main event of UFC? 98, the two will meet in an epic showdown pitting champion Evans against challenger Machida to not only determine the best 205-pound fighter on the planet, but to see who leaves with a loss on their record for the first time.

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Rashad's had the better comp so far in Chuck and Forrest (who was the #1 LHW at the time). He took his time finding his range with both those guys.

It was his big right that did Chuck in, it was his td and gnp that did Forrest.

Machida's been elusifying his opponents but somehow they all managed to get dropped somewhere along the way. Tito couldnt take Machida down. In fact, the "karate guy" ended up taking "the wrestler" down.

Both guys have speed, patience, footwork, power, accuracy. Rashad's got the wrestling. Machida's got a BJJ BB (doesnt he?). Rashad hasnt showed the kick much since Salmon, Machida throws quite a bit of different attacks and also them footsweeps.

One distinct advantage can be if Machida has top position on Rashad.

Very tough to call but im giving slight edge to Ryoto.

 One 0 Will Go! 

God I hope they don't draw.

My money is on Rashad.



Got my tickets. Will be my first UFC to attend. I'm stoked!

I am thinking Machida will win with his Karate.

Serra will win because God loves him more than Hughes.

Rashad using the faint to get Machida to counter followed by a Rashad side step and strike is an awesome game plan. Though I think Machida will quickly adjust to whatever strategy Evans employs. Evans really needs to mix it up. This will most likely be a 5 round technical battle however, I am interested in what happens in the early part of round 3. This is when I think the fight is going to get really interesting and I also feel if there is going to be a KO it will be in this round. I am intrigued by the idea of Rashad’s wrestling to Machida’s guard. Rahsad’s speed and athleticism is going to be his greatest asset.

How is Rashad 18-0-1? Both this site and Sherdog has him at 13-0-1...where did those 5 extra bouts come from?


P.S. Machida by utter domination.

we need to move on and start talking about this matchup already.

its too closely skilled and undefeated guys in a title match for shits sake.

not sports entertainment enough?

hey Hus rashad is 18-0-1 check the ufc website that's really the only website you can trust for his official record


Machida is one of the best grapplers in the fighting world right now, and very few people know it yet.

jw234 - Machida is one of the best grapplers in the fighting world right now, and very few people know it yet.

 how on earth did you figure this out?

my money is on machida, he is good all around and all but that is a bold statement

Good breakdown by Wasa-B. The other advantage Evans has is probably his power.

per wsex.com - which is the better underdog bet?



ok, so im surprised that yall dont know any better.... Rashad is a counter striker and so is Machida but Rashad is better at it than Machida. Rashad has that "Smokin Joe Frasier" in and out style. that will ultimately prove to be Machidas downfall. with regard to the foot sweep .....Rashad never stands in 1 place long enough for that too happen. this could be a boaring fight. Rashad via JD.