I was watching Sportscenter this morning and on the ticker they had UFC 103 for Saturday. The anchor himself said something to the effect of "Sorry Mayweather and Marquiz, but I'm watching this one". I know ESPN does MMA Live now and that they've pushed some events earlier, but besides that comment from the anchor, not a word about the Mayweather fight. I would think a push like that would help the PPV buys for those on the fence, but I'm not sure.

With ESPN pushing it now, and the prelims on Spike for free, I guess my question is who do you think is going to come out on top in terms of PPV buys? I've seen a few commercials here and there promoting Mayweather, but for some reason I really think UFC 103 is going to out do PBF.

I don't think boxing and MMA compete for as many viewers as folks might think. They'll both do ok.

Zedlepln - 

I don't think boxing and MMA compete for as many viewers as folks might think. They'll both do ok.


The Mayweather/Marquez PPV will generate more buys but it isn't an indication that it is "still" more popular than MMA since the UFC card lacks star power, a title fight or any matchup with immediate title implications (i.e. a #1 contender bout).

Also, there are a lot more ufc cards per year than Major Boxing cards, so even if PBF did a higher buy, there is no way boxing, on a quarterly basis, let alone a yearly one, will do a higher buy rate. I would expect the Boxing events to do better than a Franklin/Belfort card. If it didn't, it would mean the 2nd biggest Boxing PPV was beaten by the weakest UFC PPV of the year. That would be sad.

whaT fools are buying the boxing ppv?? i wouldnt buy that shit if it was 10 dollars. mayweather is otfun to watch.

dodge dodge punch, repeat. hope marquez(whos way to small to be fighting at this weight, 10 lbs over his highest weight ever) kos pbf. these are the fights pbf takes. hes too big for marquez. thats why he took the fight. coward!!!!!

cant believe there are enough fools out there who will buy this.

just dumb man, just dumb.