ufc and pride ticket stubs

I am looking for ufc and pride ticket stubs. i already have pride 1-18, a few of the GP's, and 33. i already have only a few ufc stubs. I will buy or trade for them.

Right now I have these ufc ones for trade: (nfs)

ufc 62

ufc 80

ufc 89

ufc 95

ufc 105

ufc 138


 I have one for UFC Fury, think that was 55?

 cool save it and we will work it into our next deal...

I've got a pride 2nd round 2006 grand prix stub. Looking for UFC or pride passes for a trade. Phone Post

I'm kinda interested in your UFC 80 stub. I've seen BJ fight live a few times but missed that event. What condition and level is the ticket? Any SF ticket stubs fightpimp?

Here's a list of some of my extra stubs I'll trade:

Bellator 14
UFC 123
UFC on VS 5

Fightpimp..if I have any doubles they are yours. I will look

I have a UFC 139. It would be tough to trade but I'm always open to discussion.

I have these extras.

sf melendez vs masvidal x2
UFC 121
UFC 135
UFC 143
UFC on Fox 1

I have a extra battle on the bayou and elite xc when Seth /kimbo fought.

 I'm interested in most of them... busy day, I'll hit everybody up later tonight...

 i also have some cage fury stubs and ifl event stubs...


 ttt for tomorrow.

You have the Portland ifl stub, where I believe Linland fought Horn? Phone Post