UFC android app has new invasive permissions


Blue, please

So this isn't a big deal?

The new mmajunkie app has some pretty awful permissions too. Ill keep an eye out for this apps permission as my phone can tell me when and if it access' it.

Kneeblock -

Those are pretty standard permissions in about 90% of popular apps. In fact, those are pretty tame.

Came here to say this.

The label of the permission is really fear-inducing when it really isn't what you'd expecting. No one's gonna hack into your phone, so relax, guys. Phone Post 3.0

the app allows them add or modify events  without your knowing. allows them to email  people without your knowing. so they can send out emails promoting  a ppv event without your knowing.

they might never use it, but that is giving them to much power to do things behind my back in my name

I uninstalled it already. Phone Post 3.0

Letibleu - 

Thanks, bro. VU

Yes these are getting to be standard, it is also standard that all our communications are copied by the Government, does not make it right.

Responsive web experience is the future.

Facebook Android App has crazy permissions too, it has been uninstalled.

I was in Target a few weeks back and went to DL their app. I don't agree with a lot of app permissions but usually go with it anyways.

First permission on the Target DL: Permission to use/access the camera at any/all times without user's permission.

May not have been the exact words but yeah, I see no need why Target would ever need to use my camera at anytime for any reason. Needless to say it didn't get installed.