UFC At The Sphere For Mexican Independence Day 2024

The first-ever Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) event is officially coming to The Sphere in Las Vegas, Nevada, in 2024.

Last month, UFC CEO, Dana White told the media that he was dead set on bringing a mixed martial arts (MMA) event to the MSG Sphere located in “Sin City” after he had an incredible time seeing U2. Fast forward one month, and he has already booked a date.
“Mexican Independence Day, we are booked for the Sphere, and we are already working on the creative for the show,’ White told the media during UFC 295’s post-fight press conference. “It’s going to be a massive challenge, and I love every minute of it. I can’t wait to dive into this thing. As I get more of the pieces of the puzzle put together, I’ll let you guys know as it comes along.

“But, I’m super excited about this,” White continued. “I love challenges. Everybody keeps saying to me, ‘I don’t understand how you’re going to put the Octagon in there. I don’t understand how you’re going to do this. I don’t understand how you’re going to do that.’ I’m going to remember that I said this to you tonight: I’m going to put on the greatest live combat sports show anybody has ever seen.”
Noche UFC, which took place on Mexican Independence Day this year, was a gigantic success for the company as it was the most-watched “Fight Night”-themed event of all time on ESPN+.

So, it makes sense why White would want to follow it up with an epic show.

The Sphere seats 18,600 fans and features a 16K resolution wraparound interior LED screen. On the outside is the world’s largest LED screen, comprised of 580,000 square feet of LED light panels.

The $2.3 billion creation is absolutely stunning, and a live sporting event inside of it will be mind-blowing. Of course, that is assuming it doesn’t go bankrupt before Sept. 2024 because the cutting-edge venue lost $100 million in its first quarter of operation.

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They are losing tens of millions of dollars on the sphere already. CFO has already resigned as a result.

Sounds like they needs shows like this every week just to try and break even at this rate.

Dana really wants that mexican fanbase , can’t blame him

With the kind of prices they’ll charge for this show, they better hand out a bag of mushrooms to watch the event lol.


sounds cool - ill be interested to see how they use the sphere visuals for a fight. Hopefully not just a dickload of advertising

They literally copied the Mexican dome lol. The Titanic doc looked pretty awesome back in the 90s

Saudis will by that shit for pennies on the dollar in a few years. This is gonna be the only UFC there ever if it does happen.

Zuck did it

UFC won’t debut in The Sphere in Las Vegas until September, but Dana White is already counting down the days until it happens.

The massive $2.3 billion arena, which features a capacity of more than 18,000 seats as well as an immersive video experience thanks to a 16K resolution wraparound LED screen, captured White’s attention after he attended a U2 concert there upon the venue’s grand opening. Almost immediately afterward, White announced the UFC will take its next Noche UFC card there in September 2024 in celebration of Mexican Independence Day.

White says planning for the UFC card at The Sphere is already underway, and he promises it’s going to be an event unlike anything the company has ever done before.