UFC B-Team @ UFC ON Fuel!!!!

No Joe Rogan or Arianny and crappy weight In coverage lol! Phone Post

Some people are never happy. Phone Post

 It's times like these, I use VoteDown.

Who gives a shit? Weigh ins are to see the fighters hit the scales and make weight (or not) for their fights. Why are MMA fans so obsessed with every bit of the production, even more so than they are with the actual fights at times.

Fuckin male groupie MMA fanboys are such tools sometimes

I'm not actually complaining just saying UFC is treating this like a second rate show! Phone Post

Smugcloud - Why Vote Down? Because someone prefers Joe Rogan to this scared kid on the stage? Because someone wants to watch the actual weigh ins instead of this two bit show. Or because someone wants to see Arianny in a bikini? I dont get it.

 lol at scared kid.  It looked like the local highschool journalist won a prize and got to announce the UFC weigh ins.