UFC Betting Pool

Here's a UFC Betting Pool I made up some time ago to keep my family and casual friends more interested.  It takes zero skill to play.  You may wish to give it a try if you are hosting, or attending, a get together.

Each player throws in, say, $5, and circle a fighter to win each fight (usually the main card +1, but you can do as many as you like).  If your fighter wins, you get the number of points next to his name.  If he loses you get zero.  You add up the scores for your correct picks at the end of the night and the winner gets the pot.  The points you get for correctly picking a fighter correseponds with the prevailing odds.  That is, you get far more points for picking an upset than a favorite. My tiebreaker is picking the round the main event ends.  Here's the scorecard for tonight.

UFC 220 POOL - $5

Nagannou           4

Miocic                 6

Cormier               2

Oezdemir            8

Kattar                  7                

Burgos                 3

Barraso                6

Villante                4

Font                     5

Almeida               5

Tibau                             7

Makhachez         3

Tie Breaker:  Round Main Event Ends (1-5): ______________