UFC Broadcast at Dania Jai-Alai

O.K. I waited awhile to write about this until I wasn't aggravated anymore. The group I went with arrived at about 9:30, so we could see the pre-show. We paid our $1.50 (the only good thing about the night), and went inside.

Once we were inside, one of the employees told us that the only place they showed the UFC was up near the bar ares, so we went up there in a hurry. When we arrived, there was a bar, and a few seats behind the bar with no tables. There was no sound, so I asked the bartender to turn the sound up. She told me that the TV did not have sound. Sucks . . but whatta you gonna do. About sixty seconds later, an employee comes by and tells her she can turn the fights up. She's caught in a lie now, so she says that the people playing at the poker tables (nearby) don't like the sound, and then she's embarrassed and pissed off. So now we're sitting in a raggedy bar with no tables and no sound.

I walked to another section of the building to speak to the manager, and he said they wouldn't turn the sound up (bear in mind that, in the meanwhile, I'm missing all the interviews and antics, and it's aggravating the shit out of me). I reminded him that he's listed on the UFC's website as being one of the establishments showing the event, and he said something to the effect of, "We are showing it . . . we never promised we'd have sound." Hell of a professional guy, if I must say so myself. Then he tried to get all "legal" on me. I just walked away. After arguing about legal issues for sixty hours a week, I'm not about to do it again during a UFC.

So I go back to the bar area where my friends are sitting, and decide I'll just have a drink and something to eat. This is when I learn that all they have is a snack bar, with hot dogs, popcorn, microwave pizza (you know . . . snack bar stuff). So to top off sitting in an uncomfortable area watching the UFC with no sound, I had the pleasure of eating a doughy-ass microwave pizza. Hell of a time!!!! Everybody in South Florida might want to consider these things before ever heading out to Dania for a UFC.

ttt one time, 'cause I talked to several people about going to this place and want to be sure they see this thread.

3 times I had to watch UFC when I was on work trips.

#1 Toronto: UFC 19, it was great, they had it on all the big screens. Sound was hard to hear, but people were walking in and saying "Oh SHIT! UFC! Awesome!" and really getting into the fights.

#2 Dallas: "The Reading Room" UFC 35, they started 10 minutes late, no sound, half way thru they turned it off the big screen and put it on a tiny little screen far away, so I had to move. I missed most of the Semenov/Almeida fight but for the most part it was an ok experiance.

#3 Maryland: "Cornerstone Bar & Grill" UFC 36, they were listed on the UFC website, I called ahead... they said they were showing it. I got there 35 mins early... they said they were showing it. I ate dinner and had drinks waiting for the show to start... 5 minutes till show time I asked the bartender if he could put it on the channel cuz it was about to start... he said "well, gotta wait for the owner, he's not here yet". 10 minutes into show... "owner said he doesn't want to order it cuz its too expensive". I give them hell, cuss them out and pitch a fit. The guy offers me a free drink. I told him to shove the drink up the owners ass.

Pisses me off that "Cornerstone Bar & Grill" are still listed as showing the UFCs. I emailed Zuffa a couple times to ask they take thme off the list, but nothing happens.

Time Out in New York City is pretty good. Several screens, good food, and some pretty good fans to sit and argue with about who's gonna win the next fight.

I don't expect the world when I go somewhere to watch the fights . . . sound would be good, though. Dania Jai-Alai sucked, though!!

Ya but those Ice cream cones they have at Dania Jai Alia are delicious!

You should have told me about those beforehand. At least I would have got a good ice cream cone out of the whole thing.

I was there. They never turn the sound on. Oh well. It is only $1.50.

You're right . . . it was only $1.50. It wouldn't have mattered if it was free, though. I really wanted to hear the sound (Vitor/Chuck's shit talking in the ring, Lee Murray calling Tito out, Vitor's interview after the fight, etc.), and I would've rather paid for the PPV at my house and been able to hear it.

uhm.... you paid 1.50 to watch a 30$ event... and your complaining :).

Agreed that sound is a good thing but dude... you paid 1.50.

i would be complaining too. that is bullshit. the ufc should not list a bar that does not have the sound up.

hold on!!!

I've watched 2 UFC's there an when i did they had it on 8 TV's and had the sound up loud enough for the whole room to hear.

your experience really sucks and i'm sorry for that.

would you like the managers e-mail?

You guys are comics about the $1.50.