Ufc censorship of the gun store

The gun store paid the Ufc to sponsor its fighters. So if they paid the Ufc then why is Zuffa blurring out gun store images on shorts from Spike and Fuel channels? I understand the ban but if they paid the fee shouldn't they at least get advertisement on past events? Zuffa has pretty cut throat buisness practice. Phone Post

 It is FOX, not Zuffa.

Zuffa would still have them if it was up to them.

The shit is NOT blurred when the air it on Spike. Only FOX/FX/Fuel

I was watching spike when I seen it. Phone Post

How many guns do they show on Fox? Most of their shows are violent. Phone Post

And fx can show a motor cycle gang burn off a gang tattoo on back with gasoline and fire but no gun store patch, WOW. Phone Post

Fox News needs to get on this injustice right away. Oh shit nm. Phone Post

Fox has no issue with showing guns & gun violence on their channel, they just don't want anyone knowing where they can go to purchase them legaly.

random_perv - I was watching spike when I seen it. <img src="/images/phone/droid.png" alt="Phone Post" border="0" style="vertical-align:middle;"/>

you do realize that Zuffa has no association with Spike any more right? So they had nothing to do with blurring the images but since you insist on blasting Zuffa for anything you perceive they did wrong it probably never even crossed your mind.

I think most of the concern, at least with FX is that the general public would by their guns from The Gun Store, rather than SAMCRO.

You see, SAMCRO wasn't about "gun running" in the begining, the Club was formed for a way to get 'Nam Vets together on their bikes, but after Clay killed John, the Club took a left turn, next thing you know, they've got FX snuffing off their competition, well played FX/SAMCRO, well played indeed...

random_perv -  How many guns do they show on Fox? Most of their shows are violent. Phone Post

 I'm not saying I agree with it, or trying to deny it is hypocritical to do given FOX?FX and their history of violence.

I was just pointing out facts.