UFC Champs in 5 years?

 Who do you think the UFC champs in 5 years will be alot of guys are aging and the talent is only getting deeper so who will it be?

I say

LW- Dont see Penn holding on that long so its a toss up but possibly Diego, Diaz, or Cerrone comes over from WEC

WW- GSP most likely wont make it that long and like LW its a toss up Fitch or Alves maybe Gunnar Nelson gets some more fights and cleans up by then.

MW- Anderson will be off boxing RJJ well before 5 years so I gotta say Nate Marq. maybe Vitor but hes got miles on him too.

LHW- Bader

HW- Duffee 

Tyson Griffin

Ryase - 5 years? People we've yet to hear about.

This^, and I like Cerrone but he better work on his takedown defense if he ever wants to be champ in the UFC.

Five years is a loooong time in a evolving sport like MMA. None of the top fighters of today will be champs in five years imo.

 Brock Lesnar.

 Bader is definitely a good prediction. The guy has so much more than just wrestling, and he's still new to the sport.

Ryase - 5 years? People we've yet to hear about.


Bader is a solid choice

 Ryase, you just proved Irule correct. 

"looking back, many of the champs back then are top fighters or champs today"

Out of the 7 guys you named.....5 are still relavent today.

1 fighter unfortunately passed away (tanner), 2 fighters have title shots coming up (vitor,bj), 1 fighter has an upcoming main event fight (couture), and 2 fighters have upcoming co-main event fights (hughes,mir)