UFC deal that was signed is..

now not signed. I dont mind an executive that uses F Bombs but one that contradicts himself is lame.

From MMA Weekly article UFC and HBO reach a Deal

"White said that the UFC will be putting on live events for HBO and that the first UFC event on HBO will air this summer. When asked by a reporter if the HBO deal is "signed, sealed, and delivered," White said, "Yes." When asked if the deal should be reported as official, White said, "Yeah. We will be on HBO this summer." White also spoke of struggling to sign the HBO deal in the past tense, as he said, "We would have never signed a deal if we weren't comfortable with it."

From Todays comments to MMA Weekly from White

With the recent firing of HBO Chairman and CEO Chris Albrecht, who was pushing for the sport to be a part of the channel's programming, speculation has run rampant as to the state of the negotiations between HBO and the sport's premier organization, the UFC.

In comments to MMAWeekly, UFC President Dana White commented on the situation and how he felt Albrecht's dismissal would affect the deal, "It's unfortunate... [but] we haven't come to a deal with HBO anyway. We're still hitting that thing back and forth."

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