UFC DVD = Bad for the sport

WTF...i just bought some recent UFC DVD and i wanted to tell you, dear Mr Dana, that they suck///

In the DVD, there are no intro, no replay of the better action, no interveiew of the fighter during the PPV, no intro of the fighter except for the main event...

WTF!!! the event loss hald of his excitment. it just match after match, after match.

One fighter raise his hand because he just won and BOOM, one other fight is beguinning (WTF not even a replay of the KO or the submission!!!! i had to do the replay and the slow motion myself with my TV like a dumb fuck!!)

And i do not care of this cheap ass bonus..took them away and put subject (intro, interview, the fighter walking, etc) in the DVD instead.

The UFC looks like KOTC in this DVD


Dear Dana,

If you want to know how to do a good fight DVD, look at the pride one. There is nothing special, nothing superflu, nothing costly in them but at least we get the fighter walking in, the slow motion, etc...


Dana White is the devil; by buying said DVD he now owns your soul. Get ready for hell!!!

go troll away!!!

it is a serious thread. i paid for this shietty DVD because i want to support the sport and i am pissoff!!!!!!

What do you want for $15 bucks?

the DVD with Ken shamrock and tito Ortiz was the only one good.

you are pissoff?

the recent UFCs I have seen look fine - pretty much the same as the telecast

"What do you want for $15 bucks?"

i live in France nd i paid them 30 euros what is expensive in France for such a DVD

fuck dana white

It is not Dana's fault you live in France.

Where he lives isn't the issue, Shedog.

ufc 46 dvd blew

sherdog "what do you want for $15 bucks"

it's got nothing to do with the price, would you buy a load of dog shit in a bag beceause it was $1 no didn't think so, it's about respecting the fan's, and not treating them like shit

"What do you want for $15 bucks?"

If $15 sounds cheap, that's really only in comparision to the other
jacked-up prices that MMA fans usually pay while they are
"supporting the sport."

you need to catch up with technology. Burn your ppv's to dvd for about $200 (tv card & dvd burner)

So you can get the PPV and DVD for about the same cost as one Boxing PPV or WWF for you geeks!

Everyone cries they want the sport mainstream then they complain about a cheaper PPV and cheap DVD. Wait to see if the sport does ever go mainstream and PPV's are 50 bucks.

i do not care of the price...i paid for the 2 disc DVD for UFC 40 (tito Ortiz vs Shamrock) and UFC 41 (Sylvia Vs Rodriguez)

The DVD were 2 time more expensive and i was happy to pay for them because it was good DVD with interview of the fighter in the ring after the fight, good intro, etc...

but this cheap ass DVD i bought after (UFC 42 and UFC 43, 44, etc) were perhaps cheaper but they were just plain bad!!!
Man!! just imagine me doing the replay and the slow motion myself with my TV control..WTF!!! at least give us a replay instead od jupping from fight to fight without even giving the time for the winner to raise his hand.

Sorry but this suck!!

and i am probably an idiot because i am buying soon the DVD with Randy Couture vs Vitor Belfort even if i know that it is gonna be bad. (it is all what we have in France).

And how do you want me to bring fan to the sport while showing this DVD to non fan people while i have difficulties to entertain myself by watching it while i am the bigest MMA french fan!!!

GIVE US FUCKING SLOW MOTION AND REPLAY!!! It is fucking minimum!!!!

if you aren't happy with them, just don't buy them

none of the UFC DVDs that I have except for the compilations discs "jump from fight to fight"

they often do show replays and if they don't, it's really not difficult to rewind and/or use slow motion using a DVD player. I don't understand how you're all worked up that you need to use your remote to rewind. So what?

Some people will bitch about anything...