I dont know if everyone knows, but UFC dvds are at Walmart now.

I just bought Ultimate KO's 1/2 and UFC 48. Both costed $9.44 each.

The backstage stuff alone was worth the 9.44 for me. The DVD's have such a sharper image than my tape recordings(from PPV). My only problem is, thats the only 2 they offer here. I already have 40,43,44,45,now 48. I'd glady fork over $18.88 for 46,47.

Go get em.

that's funny considering Walmart's refusal to carry other controversial material. I saw on Larry King last night that Walmart won't carry John Stewart's book. I refuse to shop there anyways- destroys communities. I'd rather pay the extrat $5.56 or whatever.

Sherdog will not approve of this thread.

damn i have heard it before i think the back stage stuff and commentaries if they do them, would be worth it.

do they have ALL volumes out?


My Walmart is for a town of 12,000 people. I hope the bigger ones carry 43-48.

49 and Ultimate KO's #3 are released in 5 days too.

a) this thread has been done to death

b) I'm still gloating cause Canadian wal-marts have had UFC's for a long time. America wal-marts just got them.


Always low prices at Walmart. lol Its true.

Wal Mart is a monopoly and will be the death of many stors in America.I will not go to Wal Mart to pick up these DVDs or anything they sell!

Maybe I'm wrong but didn't Sherdog have an advertising deal with the UFC once? I thought I heard his business mentioned on a UFC broadcast before. I would think having Wal-Mart selling items that have your company's name attached to it might be a good thing.


What Wal-Mart in Canada has UFC dvds?

None that I went to. Then they said they would order them for me and never did. Liars.

I buy my UFC dvds from Sherdog.

Best Buy also carry's UFC DVD's, but the price is $15.99. You might find the ones you want there.

Damn that monopolistic Wal-Mart for providing consumers with the cheapest prices! How dare they provide us with goods at cheaper prices than anyone else. Crimes like this ought to be against the law!

Best Buy in Canada does not carry UFC dvds either although when you ask they do not lie and say they will order them for you. Future shop is just retarded. They have no clue.

The US chains carry them south of the border but not north.

well striker, here's the problem with Wal-Mart. yes, they offer low prices. They do so by buying bulk. they keep prices low and run out smaller businesses.

you might think, "well, im saving money so fuck'em". understandably so. nobody wants to get ripped off or overcharged.

however, a study out of Texas (no i can't say what the exact name is cus im at work so i cant go search for it)shows that for every dollar you spend at Wal-Mart, about 10 percent or so gets recirculated back into the community, whereas a locally owned business re-circulates closer to 40-60 percent. they hire local laborers, rely on other locally owned businesses to do things for them like advertising, printing, cleaning, etc.

Local businesses can't compete with Walmart's prices, so local businesses shut down. Next thing you know, Walmart is the only business in town.

Then what happens if Walmart picks up and leaves like so many other corporate machines do? All you'll have left is a ghost town.

it's not insane. it's called investing in your community.

the point is that when you spend more oney on locally owned businesses you actually get some of that money coming back into your own community. this could be in the form of lower taxes, getting hired by them, etc.

"American business was founded on the idea of competition being the best method to regulate business."

that's fine. I never said Wal-Mart is doing anything illegal or unethical. This is America and we can shop where we wanna shop. Should you never ever shop in Wal-Mart? sometimes moneys tight and you gotts do what you gotta do. The long-term reality is that supporting locally owned businesses is better for your community.

here's some websites that might be helpful:




i'm not expecting everyone to agree with me, but this at least might show that im not making this up as i go along.

you'd be surprised at how big of an impact these stores have on the local economy. as far as nobody spending all their money at Wal-Mart, have you ever been to one of those super Wal Marts with the grocery stores tacked onto them? It is a one-stop shopping center designed so that you never have to go anywhere. alot more people than you think are doing all their shopping there.

i didn't mean to single out Wal-Mart. Wal-mart is what the thread was about so that was my example. This applies to all chain stores including your examples plus, Borders, Barnes and Noble, Blockbuster even McDonalds and Burger King.

you're not crazy. you just have to think in the long term. yes, you might save $5 on a dvd today, but when the time comes around for your town or city to re-do the budget and revenues are down you'll spend it on taxes. the money you would save there would be more significant, but its less tangible so people don't realize that.

you're not crazy or a bad person for shopping at Wal-Mart, but you might want to think about your spending habits.

Interesting analysis about the free market and Walmart, but it assumes that competition does regulate the market and that oligarchies and local monopolies do not exist. I think the attempt to make Walmart a business that exists this way purely as a result of deregulation is a complete fallacy. It recieves tons of state level and fed subsidies including health insurance coverage. DOn't act like your average small business can use competition to unwedge the local market from an ASSISTED Walmart. Its just not that simple.

BTW, laissez faire economics have been proven to make the wealthy wealthier and not necessarily drive prices down (Not to say that they at times do not drive the prices down). When a company is deregulated to compete in a truly open market, that company will seek the most help and vulnerable new market possible, not just compete for the bettterment of the consumer.